Performance and Determination.

We race as one.

Our Training Program

Our unique race training program is designed and delivered by our coaches. Through years of experience, we have engineered a program that focuses on maximising our squad members performance – but includes fun drills that enhance an athletes tuition experience. Training sessions are every Wednesday from 6pm and Saturday from 5pm operating all year round.

The quality of our training doesn’t stop with our fantastic Coaches! We’re fortunate enough to be based at Snowtrax, which is uniquely benefited by being a Proslope Next Gen Synthetic surface centre. Training on their Proslope surface, instead of much older dry slope materials, at a facility of this quality – means racing is safer and more enjoyable.

Racing – Internal Competitions

As well as frequent time-trial ski sessions, we also operate our own internal race sessions. This gives our squad members the opportunity to race head-to-head with other members, gaining vital experience of competition environments. Snowtrax Race Squad is equipped with the latest timing gear and slalom equipment to ensure our members are able to train to the best of their ability.

Training Schedule


Race Squad 1: Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm

Race Squad 2: Wednesday 7.30-9pm

Race Squad 1 & 2: Saturday 8.30-10am

Racing – Snowsport South

Snowtrax Race Squad competes in the Snowsport South Summer Series. Snowsport South is a region of Snowsport England, where between 6 and 8 different ski race clubs race against each other. These competitions are held in a series, across multiple outdoor ski facilities on the South Coast of England. The series is held during the Summer months, with parents of competitors helping to provide logistical and operational support. We’re very proud of our members who represent Snowtrax Race Squad, giving 100% effort every step of the way!